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Raleigh, NC


PLD Candles offers an extensive collection of hand-poured, 100% soy candles. 


About Us

PLD Candles is a candle company that makes safe, all-natural, 100% soy candles.

Anthea and Rhonda have more than 40 years combined experience in the beauty, skincare, and health and wellness industries.  They have zealously advocated their enthusiasm and passion for healthy living and all things beautiful which led them to their latest venture with Pink Lady Designs, LLC.  (PLD Candles).

In 2010, Anthea and Rhonda partnered with a health and wellness company where they discovered the unhealthy difference between paraffin and soy candles.  After discovering how unhealthy it was to burn paraffin candles both for health reasons and the environment, they decided to make it their mission to create health-conscious candles for all to enjoy.  As a result, Pink Lady Designs, LLC (PLD) was formed. 

It took more than two years for PLD candles to be perfected and what started as a personal hobby, soon became the passion.  Many hours have been spent blending and perfecting the fragrances, choosing natural oil fragrances which are sure to please.  PLD currently offers more than 60 seasonal fragrances, many of which have become year-round favorites. 

PLD has a very loyal customer base - especially from our clients who use the candles as their major fundraisers during the year.  We have partnered with various church groups, schools, cancer support groups and many others, including the North Carolina Theater.  


all of our PLD Soy Candles are locally made and hand-poured? From beginning to end, we check the quality of every soy candle that we pour to ensure you receive only highest quality soy candles. Our candles contain all-natural cotton wicks wrapped with a natural wax coating, 100% vegetable soy wax (no additives, dyes, or chemicals), and we use only premium fragrance oils in the blends. Each of our soy candles then lovingly receives their label for delivery to you!


soy candles have a memory?  This is very important to know. When you light a soy candle for the first time it remembers how far across the surface it melted. For best results and longest enjoyment of your soy candle, let your candle surface completely liquefy before extinguishing it. This will result in a longer lasting soy candle without the occurrence of tunneling down the center. Remember, keep your wicks trimmed to 1/4 inch

Soy candles are becoming the preferred candle of choice for health-minded candle-lovers who are tired of the dangers associated with paraffin candles. PLD candles burn cleaner (little to no soot), more evenly, and up to 40% longer than a paraffin candle and are fragranced evenly throughout the candle.

A native of England, Anthea believes that proper nutrition, exercise, and healthy doses of rest and relaxation are vital to a person's happiness and mental well-being.  In her free time, Anthea enjoys exercising, spending time with friends and family, and playing with her grandchildren. 

Rhonda was raised in New York and transferred to North Carolina more than 20 years ago, where she met her current business partner, Anthea.  Rhonda also worked in the skincare and beauty industry until becoming a stay-at-home mom to two wonderful boys. Rhonda resides in Apex, North Carolina.

For more information on their all-natural soy candles, or help with a fundraiser for your organization, please visit their website at and on Facebook at Pink Lady Designs or feel free to reach out to them at