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Raleigh, NC


PLD Candles offers an extensive collection of hand-poured, 100% soy candles. 



Thanks so much for introducing me to PLD candles. Their fragrance and burning time are far superior to any candles I have used before. I have allergies, and normal candles make my eyes water and swell up, but PLD soy candles leave me bright eyed. I have given them as gifts the last two Christmases to church groups, teachers, friend groups, work groups--it's a great gift if you want to give a group of people the same thing, that is not too expensive, and they look so festive with the various Christmas ornaments on them. My daughter had some made up that had a candy cane on it and with a peppermint smell for all the children's teachers. Another work friend I gave one to kept it in her bathroom just for the fragrance, and did not burn it!! She bought a bunch the next Christmas to give as gifts.
Thanks PLD,
Eileen - Raleigh

I have bought PLD candles for 3 years. The selection of fragrances is wonderful and being made from soy is the icing on the cake. I particularly enjoy my 'neutralizer' with its lemony fragrance.
DT – Wake Forest

Your candles are fabulous! My cousin Jenipher gave them to us (her family on Cape Cod) and we all just love them.
Thank you
Cheryl C. Daniels - Cape Cod, MA

Pink Lady Designs have clean burning soy candles with the cleanest scents.  Lemongrass and Peppermint are my favorite! 
 Wilmington, NC